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Studio updates.

Just do this one thing right on your #WeddingDay.

originally posted on October 8th, 2014 in Puja's Journal here

As the Wedding season begins, i am again dealing with bride-to-bes on a day to day basis. This is just a small heart felt note from me to them -


  • Be it the car not reaching on time to take you to the parlor.
  • Be it the Makeup Artist goofing things up.
  • Be it the relatives not getting ready on time.
  • Be it the functions starting a little late.
  • Be it the Event Manager not delivering as promised.
  • Be it the Best Friend not turning up for the Wedding.
  • Be it the Mother-In-Law giving you a cold shoulder.
  • Be it the insufferable heat and humidity.
  • Be it the unbearable weight of your Lehnga!
  • Be it the Pandit who is taking an eternity to wrap things up.

or be it any of the other ten thousand things that can go wrong at a Wedding...

You just have to do this one thing right - SMILE.

The Happily Ever After photo.

For a thousand things can go wrong at your Wedding but you will forget all of it eventually and only remember the memories your Wedding Photographer makes/documents for you. And i will let you in on a secret -

We as Wedding Photographers can just add Light and Colors to a picture... not Emotions.

That is your part of the deal! So smile no matter what.

The Mother of the Bride just after the Vidaai.

I have observed brides closely, have been with them in the most emotionally draining moments of their lives, have documented them dealing with unimaginable stress and pressure that are unarguably a part of weddings. And trust you me, Weddings are and will always be an extremely emotionally stressful affair. There is no escaping that. Its just such a huge turnaround in one's life, how can it not be... But if you give in to the pressure... fret over small petty problems... get negativity into the room... it will show in your pictures!

Smile, even when it seems like a 48 hour long day...

I hope you get me point :)

Will be doing a post on 'Dos and Donts for your Wedding Day from a Wedding Photographer's point of view' next on the blog. Do let me know if you could relate to this post.


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