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Studio updates.

Shirin + Shivam~ The Wedding #Wedding

originally posted on January 30th, 2014 in Puja's Journal here

I know there are many different styles of shooting a wedding but I always get confused when i read words like Contemperory, Documentry, Artful, Fine Art, Editorial, Candid etc etc in the bios of wedding photographers. I seriously cant see myself fitting into just one of these... what i mean to say is when i am doing Couple Shoots or Bridal Portraits my shooting style is editorial... when i am shooting the Wedding my shooting style is Documentary... invariably a good number of shots turn out to be Artful or Fine Arty... and this leaves me confused all the time. Maybe i am just naive.

So a few days ago when a potential client asked me weather i do 'Fine Art Wedding Photography' i really did not know how to respond. She further inquired on what my style of shooting was, to which i replied that i shoot every wedding like it was my good friend's wedding. And this is true. With the limited number of weddings i have had the pleasure of shooting, one thing which remains a constant is that i almost always end up being good friends with the bride. Take for example the last wedding i shot in Ludhiana for Shirin and Shivam -

Mehndi Ceremony at Shirin's Place.

Mehndi Ceremony at Shirin's Place.

I reached Ludhiana a couple of days before the Wedding was to start. Stayed at Shirin's place, with her friends, even helped her decorate the house :) We did a couple shoot which they had planned to show to the wedding guests at the Sangeet. The couple shoot was followed by her Mehndi Ceremony -

Weddings are always such emotional affairs :)

This was followed by the Sangeet and Wedding. Here are a few images from her Wedding -

Being involved so closely in such an intimate affaire... i always end up feeling a strong bond of friendship with the brides i have shot for. I strive to portray/document these emotions i feel through my images and just hope to keep doing that to the best of my abilities...

PS - Do let me know if you like these images and which is your favourite and why...

Puja Kedia