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Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Mansi + Chirag // Portraits


When these two booked us six months ago, I was so excited because a - they are one of the most happening couples in town and b - Chirag has always been interested in Photography and has a very good sense of it, and when such couples put trust in your ability to document their big day, it always feels good. 

We have been transforming these past few months from Puja Kedia Collective to Ministry Of Memories. And we are glad that the season for us has started on such a high note with this shoot. I can see how much we have grown from the last year and it really excites me for this coming wedding season :)


And these two were absolutely stunning on the shoot... The chemistry was effortless. These guys are really lucky to have found each other as they compliment each other so well! They fit perfectly!  I loved making these photographs for them. They were so much fun to work with. Together these two have such energetic and spontaneous personalities. How we get to work with such amazing people just baffles me! Can’t wait for their big day! Enjoy some of my favorites -

I loved this above photo above! So much spontaneity! And thank you Heta and Eshita for being so patient with us and helping us on the shoot! Here are a couple of behind the scenes -

~ Team ~

Models - Chirag & Mansi, Puja on Camera, Fatema on lights, Eshita taking backup photos just in case the main memory card gets lost :p, Heta with the Make Up kit, Rahul chilling at the location & Chandresh on standby :) It was such a lovely day!

By Puja