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Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Chandni + Dhruv // Portraits

originally posted on January 19th, 2016 in Puja's Journal here

There are a ton of tasks and minute details to be looked into before doing a pre-wedding shoot. There are meetings held at the studio, a million WhatsApp messages are exchanged, outfit finalization over mails, concept and prop discussion with the Collective and things on and on... but every single time we start shooting, and the chemistry of the couple comes into play... it over shadows everything!

Chandini and Dhruv were classmates back in their college days. The bench partners decided to turn into life partners :)

We made these photographs on the 31st of December. Super end to a super 2015 for us.

The location was perfect, the light was on point and the chemistry was breathtaking, a camera shy couple? Well not this one #HappyMe.


We finalised two different location, the classic forest and the beach for their pre wedding shoot and as I started clicking they just kept getting better, after a while they were in their own comfort zone and lost in love and gave me super amazing poses to document.

Experimenting with the light and mood is something that I love about this shoot so a big thank you to you two for trusting me and making me a part of your amazing story.

Puja Kedia