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Studio updates.

Simoni + Kunal // Portraits


We love making photographs and that is quite evident. But what we love more than that is literally capturing love. Sometimes, you come across people who are so full of love, that it spills into the photographs and makes them even more beautiful.

We lucked out with Simoni and Kunal. Their love came out perfectly on screen and we were baffled when we had to select a few shots for the blog, with such beautiful locale and people. Simoni and Kunal exhibit joyful, more fun shades of love and how you just light up in the presence of your loved one.


The sun, clear skies and wilderness of Kerala was the only perfect backdrop we could imagine for this radiant couple. It reflects so much in them, too. They were definitely a breath of fresh air, a break from the monotony of the city.

Simoni and Kunal cemented our faith how being silly in love can be all you need and how love doesn't require fineries or mystique, how it is always enough on its own.