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Chandni + Agam ~ The Wedding


Chandni and Agam decided on a grand celebration by the beaches of Goa to mark their coming together. How many people do you come across who literally thrive on “carpe diem”? Chandni and Agam are certainly a part of that group. They went out of their way to ensure everyone has a ball at their wedding. It was like a three day vacation, a getaway from the regular life for everyone involved. Everyone got a chance to unwind and relax and actually partook in the festivities. This is how the essence of the wedding, the family celebration was not overshadowed by traffic and work deadlines. This is certainly one way of creating memories that last a lifetime. All it takes is a little family time, together, away from the world where everyone is just running to be somewhere. Definitely Ministry Approved, might we add!


We stole Chandni and Agam for a couple shoot before all the madness of the wedding began.


As the guests poured in, received to the beats of Goan music and unwavering warmth of the families, we had a chance to capture what was only the beginning of display of raw emotions.


How could you not have a beach party within hours of being in Goa? Chandni and Agam were thoughtful enough to arrange a beach party, which started off as a small Christian wedding and then headed towards a full blown party by the sea. Agam had to prove his mettle and convince the bridesmaids that he was worthy of Chandni’s love. Ain’t nobody as protective as a bride’s girlfriends. (There is nothing as honest and unadulterated as love between this bunch of girlfriends.)


The next day, a small haldi ceremony was held followed by some more dancing. The emotions reflected by Chandni’s family and Agam’s family were starkly different and reflect the basic nature of Indian wedding. But, between a few emotional moments, the bigger picture of celebration wasn’t lost. Especially, we loved how Chandni’s father didn’t shy away from the dance floor.


And after the Haldi sundowner, came the big, bad event of Cocktail night held on the theme of The Great Gatsby. Think black and gold, gowns and tuxedos, and obviously dancing and drinks. We told you Chandni and Agam believe in seizing the day, didn’t we?


It was finally the day of the wedding. Chandni and Agam donned beautifully coordinated outfits and looked like a dream. With understated ensemble and lush laws that were resplendent with ivory and beige accents, this has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing weddings we have covered.


Chandni and Agam made for a gracious couple and even better hosts. Props to the couple, the families and all the guests who just let loose and gave us a chance to tell their story in a tangible form. Like Chandler Bing would say it, could a wedding be any more fun?