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Studio updates.

Dishita + Bhaumik // Portraits


Sometimes you come across people who really believe in the simplicity of things and get pure joy from it. While planning Dishita and Bhaumik’s shoot we had just this on our minds. And this is how twisted human mind is. We are sometimes fooled into thinking that we need more, bigger, better just to be happier. We overlook how at times, all we need to is to get away from those  bigger, better things and we will still be able to find those simple joys.


We tried to reflect this in the their photographs and we hope this serves as a Ministry reminder to find delight in the mundane. After all, nobody said that memory making can be carried out in castles and five star hotels and not on fields and beaches... Raj and Simran made sarson de khet famous, didn’t they?


Even when it comes to men of limited means, they always have love in abundance. We’ll always cherish Dishita and Bhaumik for bringing us a little closer to ground than we already were and for trusting us to to work in their favour, without any help from flowy gowns, tuxedos and palatial backdrops.