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Studio updates.

Alifiyah + Aliasgar ~ The Wedding

When we count our lucky stars, please know that our sky is a shiny, bright one. This being our first Bohri Wedding, we were excited, nervous and always on a lookout. Ministry should never fall, now, should it? 

Irrespective of cultural differences, weddings all over India tend to be similar. The same elements of yellow, fragrance of henna, exchanging rings, a whole lot of love and banter, and of course, stolen glances between the newlyweds and a big, fat family get-together.

Like every wedding that we have covered, this was high on warmth and love. But, the exceptional thing was the way they greeted each other. Energy is contagious, and maybe this is why, the way they held hands and radiated all the love one can muster felt almost divine.

Alifiyah and Ali had this old school chemistry that looked timeless. We just had to maintain that for the Ministry's records.

We are gracious for having received this chance to experience a culture so different, only to observe how emotions bind us all, give us our core. Alifiyah and Ali, we will always be thankful to you.