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Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Leena + Umang // Portraits

By now you must have gotten a good idea how work is carried out differently at Ministry. We try and experiment as much as we can. And we try to move away from conventional long trailing gowns and neatly ironed tuxedos. We try to focus on the chemistry between the couple as we believe nothing shines as bright as love.

Between Leena and Umang, the light air of laughter and giggles did not stop for a second and it might look like we taped a smile to their faces but we guess that is the power of a strong bond. If they were a celeb couple, you’d completely hear about them with a montage of cute videos floating around the web.

We did away with the brighter colours and focussed only on neutrals, because we knew the potential of Leena and Umang's energy. Sometimes, extravagance can take away from the essence of emotions. 

Time and again, we feel really blessed when it comes to people who put their faith in us and allow us to bring them the joy of revisiting their favourite moments. We would like to thank Leena and Umang for giving the Ministry a chance to make these happy pictures :)