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Studio updates.

Shraddha + Hardik ~ The Wedding

Ministry received yet another chance to document a wedding that had us floored by it’s beauty and simplicity. Destination weddings are our favourite, no doubt. But weddings that happen in forts can be prettier than one could have imagined.

Shraddha and Hardik have known each other a little more than two years. They lived on different coasts and you can see how this has kept their love young even in their photographs. 

We like taking our couples away before all the festivities begin as we get a chance to document just the couple without the madness of the Indian wedding. Shraddha and Hardik has such a raw, earthy chemistry, that made our work simpler.

How many times have you seen a bride and groom present at each other’s haldi ceremony? This was a different wedding. Shraddha and Hardik were not only present, but didn’t refrain from painting each other yellow. We still feel their smiles look brighter than the colour.


Not just that, but they didn’t follow the old “it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”. It could or couldn’t bring any luck, but it surely brought happiness. Isn’t that the only thing that matters?


We don’t think their smiles dropped even for a second, the entire time. No amount of fatigue or lack of sleep could get to them. We guess this is what happens when you’re with the right person.

We wish Shraddha and Hardik all the love and luck in the world. It was an absolute delight to be able to capture their brightest days and store them for Ministry records.