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Love is ~ Jinal + Harmil

Ministry has always wanted to share stories of love. We document weddings that last for a few days and love that lasts a lifetime. But today, we tell you about a marriage. A story that has been in the making for more than ten years and still continues to... 

Jinal & Harmil completed 10 years of togetherness and connected with the Ministry to recreate their memories. And we tried to squeeze all that we could from their adorable story in twenty-something photographs.

Harmil is a tech freak, and we guess he’ll forever be thankful to his interest in technology, as it led to Jinal and Harmil meeting. Jinal’s cousin had suggested Harmil to set up a computer at Jinal’s place.


Harmil then joined music and dance class only on the pretext of meeting Jinal.

After almost six months of knowing each other, Harmil asked her out. Jinal didn’t say yes (or no) for another six months. This time was mainly spent on texts, and in cars. He couldn’t not woo her.

Harmil loves surprising Jinal, and this was where it all started. Even Jinal doesn’t know how many more are to follow.

A year into their relationship, a little resistance from family, and a lot of laughters later, Jinal only grew sure about their relationship.

And then, came the separation. Isn’t this phase inevitable? Harmil had to go to UK for further education. We know they complete 10 years together, so that is a big spoiler. :P

Despite being continents apart, they were virtually together almost all the time. This was 2007. Communication is easier in today’s time. But ten years ago, they had to make do with yahoo messenger. And they did, quite gracefully.

The distance makes the hearts grow fonder couldn’t have been more true. With each passing moment, their certainty increased.

They survived the distance and different time zones and as soon as Harmil was back, they managed to convince their parents and got engaged within a month.

All was good. Finally, they could see a future together, with each other in it.

A drama filled wedding later, they were happy to be addressed as Mr and Mrs.

As seen in Disney movies, the Prince and the Princess ride into sunset to live out their happily ever after. But Jinal and Harmil’s story continues.

Like every couple, there were bound to be a few disagreements. But, fights don’t matter if you know that differences aren’t permanent like love.

Their bliss continued and revolved around fights, flights and fun. When given an option between a solitaire and a vacation, Jinal chose vacation. Diamonds are clearly not her best friends.

A literal bump was bound to happen. There was a new addition in 2012.

And since then, Tanaya has made their bond stronger and their lives brighter.

Jinal and Harmil still manage to be their old selves. They haven’t lost their spark. And we don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon. Apart from their waistline, nothing much has changed.

And ten years later, they are still up for more time together. Jinal says they don’t know why they fell in love in the first place. Jinal also says that they don’t need a reason to be together. “Wanting to be together” is enough.

We, as Ministry tried our best to recreate their lives together. We don’t know what future holds for them, but we know do know, it is going to involve a whole lot of love.