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Prayanshi + Harshil // Portraits


Prayanshi and Harshil had a grand wedding in Samode Palace, Jaipur. And we did a portrait shoot a day before the wedding festivities started. In most cases, people who have a destination wedding, do not allocate time for a pre wedding shoot before the celebrations begin. We would like to take a minute here and tell you more about why pre wedding shoots are important.

Not everyone is comfortable with cameras and big lenses being pointed at themselves, and that is a natural reaction. People tend to close up, become conscious, and aren’t really free and open with their emotions. A photographer can take care of colours and lighting, but expressions are the only aspect we have no control over. And you must have seen it in our previous blogposts, Ministry is big on emotions. The entire point of a pre wedding shoot is to get you used to it on your big day; days, when it comes to Indian weddings ;P The bride and groom especially, need to be comfortable with the cameras, more so when it comes to close up shots. So, we make it a point to conduct a couple shoot session in cases where there has been no such shoot, before all the hoopla begins.


Prayanshi and Harshil showed no such shyness however and with Samode Palace as the backdrop we had a lovely time creating photographs for these two.

We even tried to recreate Murad Osmann’s legendary “take me to” photograph. Only that Prayanshi was taking Harshil to their wedding location. :P

We still can’t favour one from Aravalli hills or the royal walls, for preferred backdrop. The pink of the bougainvillea or the yellow and blue colour scheme of beautifully painted walls, you tell us.

Stay connected for more, because we are soon going to do another blog from the days that followed… We are going to feature Prayanshi and Harshil’s wedding celebration on our blog in the coming weeks. Well, Prayanshi did take Harshil to their wedding location, didn't she?

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