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Studio updates.

Priyam + Sahil ~ The Wedding

Some moments stay with you forever... some emotions stay with you forever... some brides stay with you for ever! Priyam was one such bride. The lovely Miss Prink Tonic! I'd like to be eloquent and write many words about what a beautiful person Priyam is and how beautiful the Wedding was but i would like my camera do the talking.


We asked Priyam about Sahil and this is what she had to share - "Its very important to choose the right person... someone who looks at the bigger picture in life! There are plans beyond wedding plans... and a partner who looks through you and understands your ambitions, is the person you should marry. And if you find a person who makes room for your ambitions in his life... hold on to him! Sahil is the one for me!"


Its been two years since i documented this wedding! Still all the memories come rushing in and I would just say this, that I am so thankful to my camera for making me meet these strangers who become friends forever.