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Indian Weddings are all about celebrations, traditions and coming together of families. So our approach with Wedding Films has been to craft a complete cinematic experience which feels timeless. Our team of inspired individuals, with a shared vision of delivering outstanding wedding films, specializes in documentary storytelling. Our wedding films are finely crafted stories, that encompasses all the joy, laughter and tears of your special day.


Palak & Giriraj - Udaipur

"Little moments together... make the best memories forever!"


Shalu + Karan - Surat

You're My Star. #ShaluWedsKaran

"This sea of faces... They fade into the darkened light of the city... And I see nothing but you... As I fall into your gravity... Cause You’re My Star"


Rinkesh & Payal - Udaipur

Filled with little things they do for each other out of love (like Rinkesh singing for their pre wedding video which was a complete surprise for Payal) their's was a dream wedding. And here are a few glimpses from the same.

PS: Rinkesh you're a lucky, lucky man.


Ankita & Nishant - Surat

Tapping her feet on the music of love, spreading happiness all around with that never ending smile, dreaming of getting married since childhood and finding the prince charming for herself, she had happiness lined up for life!